About Us

We create casual games that bring you fun in 5 minutes.

Gamesofa was founded in 2005 with the creation of the popular social website Miniworld. In 2008 Gamesofa’s pioneering use of the best emerging web technologies along with dedicated research and development and expert marketing strategies allowed the company to expand operations into the gaming market, having since developed 20 franchises across multiple platforms including web, Android, and iOS, all of which have cemented Gamesofa’s reputation as Taiwan’s leading game development company.

Gamesofa’s motto, “Fun in Five Minutes” reflects the company’s core philosophy of providing a fun yet casual multiplayer experience. With the creation of “Godgame Mahjong,” Gamesofa successfully brought Taiwan its very first online Mahjong game. Gamesofa followed up their success with the world’s first browser-based 3D shooter, “Guns Rush.” More recently Gamesofa has gone international, breaking into markets in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam with localized Texas Hold’em applications, in India with “Bollywood Teen Patti,” and in Russia with their 3D tank warfare game, “Tank Hit.” Overall, Gamesofa boasts a user base of 50 million registered players worldwide and over 2 million daily active users.

Gamesofa’s vision is to provide products that brighten up your day by giving players a means to relax and recharge with fun and competitive games. In good spirits, winning a round can double your happiness, when you’re feeling down, the fun of friendly competition can bring a smile to your face. Gamesofa does not aim to merely acquire customers, but rather to make lifelong friends, thus Gamesofa’s products empower users to play anytime, anywhere without pressure. Instead of spending hours glued to a screen, our games give players a necessary outlet to relax while providing more time to spend with their friends, family, and loved ones.

Company History

2015 → Release of the affiliated Slash Poker on European markets in collaboration with Aeria Games (DE)
→ Gamesofa releases Ông Trùm Poker in Vietnam and Ram Ruay Texas Poker in Thailand
→ Tank Hit wins the 2015 Digital Content Product Award
2014 → Release of Bollywood Teen Patti (India) and Luxy Poker (Indonesia)
→ Gamesofa launches Tank Hit, an action-packed 3D Tank shooter available in Chinese/English/Russian.
2013 → Relaunch of the gaming platform as Gamesofa with more than 18 million members worldwide.
→ Release of Guns Rush, the first Taiwan-made 3D web shooter.
2012 → GodGame Mahjong scores place 4 in the App Store's Best of 2012 in Taiwan.
→ Expansion to overseas markets with the English version of JetSpri Poker.
→ Further entering the mobile market with our range of Mahjong and Poker games for Android, iPhone and iPad.
2011 → Release of GodGame Mahjong for iPad. Within 24 hours, the app becomes the most downloaded free app in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.
→ GodGame scores 1st in the games category of the Yahoo Happy Brand Selection. Overall registered users exceed 10 million.
2010 → GodGame enters the Japanese market via the affiliated JanGame Mahjong site
→ In the Web100 Award by the magazine Business Next, GodGame scores 1st among Taiwanese web games.
→ GodGame scores 1st in the games category of the Yahoo Happy Brand Selection.
→ Registered users exceed 8 million and are located in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, US/Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Japan etc.
2009 → Release of GodGame Mahjong, Taiwan's first flash-based multiplayer game on Facebook.
2008 → Miniworld scores 1st for Most Attractive Website in the Web100 Award by the magazine Business Next.