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We create casual games that bring you fun in 5 minutes.

Q1:How do I resolve login issues?

A:Please keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive. If you've forgotten your username or password, please visit「Forgot Username/Password」。

Q2:The game has connection issues but my mobile data connection is working fine! What's going on?

Even if the reception on your phone may be at its best, there are usually other factors that affect the connection speed: specifications of network base stations, network coverage, number of simultaneous users etc. Therefore we recommend using a WiFi connection when playing our games.

Q3:I've had a connection error during a game and now my points are gone! What can I do?

A:To keep the game fair for all, if a player leaves the game in progress (even if due to connection issues), their rating will decrease and the active game will be lost.


Q1:How can I check my transaction history?

A:In the lobby of the respective game app, tap on [Help] on the upper right. Then change to the [Report] tab and select [Transaction History].

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